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Educated in Russia as theatre and TV director
After education I started working at Murmansk Television for 15 years making
documentaries, short films and commercials. In 1995 I moved to Sweden/ Luleå.
In Sweden I have worked as a theatre and documentary filmmaker and I have also directed
educational films for Russian television.
I have been attached to Filmpool Nord Ltd and their various schemes in order to ”transfer”
my Russian tv experiences into a Nordic/Swedish creative documentary “language”.
I have made several films , among others ;
2008, I made a documentary called ”Old ladies by the Sea” on 30 minutes and got first place
in a nomination at the International Film Festival in the Barents region”Nord karakter “
In 2009 I made movie called “ The Confession”, 30min. and got 3 place in a nomination at the
International Film Festival in the Barents region”Nord karakter “. 2010 participated in the
festival in Tromso in Film from the North
In 2011 I made documentary Dangerous Russian women 43 min. Honorable mention at
Murmansk International Filmfestival.

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2013 Svetlana & kurt

a documentary by Valentina Svensson

A Love story about two people’s joy and tribulations, met in the little older days and also have a background from different cultures and countries.



Svetlana and Kurt”
Director and producer
Valentina Svensson, Norrbotten, Sweden
Documentary 57 min


This is a story about the relationship between two loving people with different outlooks on
life. ”With love one can experience the charm of a tent” – Russian proverb, but what about in
real life?
Svetlana (50), a Russian woman came to Sweden two years ago from a the big city
Kamenskuralsk, located in the Uralmountains. She had met Kurt , a Swedish man via the net.
Kurt (50) lives in a small village in the north of Sweden.
Svetlana is a Russian businesswoman. She is educated, energetic, ambitious and a very strong
Kurt is a typical Swedish man from the north. Quiet and calm on the verge of recluse.He lives
alone in a quiet environment, unemployed and collects motorcycles.
This film is about their love and their struggle to maintain their life together in spite of huge
differences in education, views of life, values and culture.
They really love each other, but have big conflicts from time to time. She can not thrive in his
quiet relaxed environment. He does not understand her ambitions and determination to build a
career. Svetlana convinces him to start a business. It goes well and eventually becomes
successful. She is determined to learn swedish and he does his best to help her even though
he is rather bad at Swedish grammar. He teaches her how to change tires and drive a grass
Naturally, she often travels to Russia to run her business there. Kurt longs for her and wants
her to come home quickly.
Svetlana uses magical rituals every day and buys a special machine to measure human energy
fields. Kurt believes in what she believes in.
They are both unique individuals, with a lot of self-irony and character. They dare to be
themselves and stand up for themselves. Their relationship is constantly evolving and
changing as they are trying to adjust to each other. They are completely honest in front of the
camera and I have an unique access into their lives.
I follow them as they buy a caravan and go on holiday. I follow them in their own individual
lives talking to each other on Skype, planting tomatoes, cooking food and learing swedish
through children books.
They laugh a lot! This is a charming and near film about two very special characters.
Love over the borders in the north is quite common. Will they stay together?
We will laugh and enjoy love and life with them all the way through the film.


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2012 Dangerous russian woman

by Valentina Svensson

time. 31 min

Valentina Kort litet


Movie is about four Russian women who moved to Sweden because they met with Swedish men. The presiss that all women around the world looking for happiness, love, want to realize their dreams and ambitions. But life is oförutsättbar and they offer unexpected times. I Russia pipel  think that Russian women live a rich and bekymmersfrit life here. Then I decided to visit my girlfriends who live in Norrbotten and see if they faund a paradays they looking.


2008 Old ladies by the Sea

Documentary film ”Old ladies by the Sea”


by Valentina Svensson
time. 31min


Documentary film ”Old ladies by the Sea” tells about a spontaneous trip from the Swedish town of Luleå to the Russian fishing Chavanjga which is located at the White Sea on the Kola Peninsula.
A modern woman who was tired of city life with the tempo, time pressures and adaptations to the society decided to flee to one of God’s forgotten places ”on Earth’s edge.”
She called her friend in Russia and received an advice to go to Chavanjga.

She got the information to where these old people live in their contion. Even that they werw old women , they hunted wild animals and fished in the open sea which was exremly dangerous.
But when she arrived i Chavanjga she noticet that everything ther were different.The village was beautiful, civilzed and hade a  harmonic surrounding.
The old women were not any super women rather ordinary. Through their fun and dramatic stories , she understood that all those old fisher women were not in any way different but they hade a extermly inner strength, optimism and humor.
They worked hard like horses and hade forgotten all about beautiful dresses.
Although she did not had a clow about Chavanjga in her imaganition for a pleace to find the peace , but she felt so free there.
Eveyting was so simple and natural there like the life itself,  that is what we unfortuntly have forgotten how it feels.

Old ladies by the Sea

Documentary film

Length: 31min

Wine: September 2008-12-08

Production Country: Sweden

Original language: Russian

Text version of Swedish, English

Recording Format: DVCAM

Sound: Stereo

Viewing copies: DV-cam

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